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The Lloyd Shaw Foundation -- History

The Lloyd Shaw Foundation bears the name of its inspiration, Dr. Lloyd "Pappy" Shaw. After his death, members of the August summer class continued to meet with his widow and partner, Dorothy Stott Shaw. Over the time from before WWII until his death, Lloyd Shaw had gradually increased the capacity of the summer dance teaching program by introducing first a June class and then two sessions, one each in June and July, and finally three, with the August class reserved for those who had already attended one or more summer class.

Dorothy became the "spiritual" leader of this August group as they met each year, teaching, guiding, and providing the philosophical basis for the annual sharing which became known as The Fellowship. She hosted this group at her home in Colorado Springs with it's small dance hall, La Semilla (the seed), and her cabin behind Pike's Peak.

As time passed, new people were added to the more experienced teachers and leaders who came each year to share their expertise, knowledge, and understanding of the importance of dancing in the hearts and minds of the youth of America. Eventually, they came to a realization that Dr. Shaw's philosophy of teaching was needed by a much wider audience of educators and leaders than could be reached by a single week-long dance convocation.

At that moment (1964) the formation of a foundation based on the educational philosophy and practice of Lloyd and Dorothy Shaw became imperative. The Lloyd Shaw Foundation was formed as a Colorado non-profit corporation with the stated purpose "To recall, restore, and teach the folk rhythms of the American people."

Since that time, the Foundation has grown to involve people young and old, near and far. The purpose is still the same as indicated by the impressive listing of publications and resources which are available through the Foundation as well as the camps, seminars, and other teaching opportunities provided by the Foundation.

Over the years, members of the Foundation have donated their time, talents, and energies to produce excellent teaching tools and resources: Let's Dance (dance for elementary-aged children), The Secondary Kit (dance for high-school and beyond), music and called dances, books, videos, and even on-line resources.

Join with us to continue our heritage of community dancing, teaching, and leading around the world.